Subtitled videos increase watch time by 12% and are watched

Revoicely helps your content go where it simply couldn’t go before, with a streamlined process for transcribing and translating videos at native quality in over 120 languages and 270 different voiceovers with higher accuracy and authenticity! Further, adding captions have proven to boost engagements rates. Check this – You Can easily Rank high on Google with perfectly translated and transcribed multi-lingual videos by capturing the foreign market.

Take a look – Top YouTube creators across Europe are creating videos in their native language.

And with SEO getting tough day by day, there is a lot of competition. You can reach your widest audience with videos that have fully synched captions and native-quality subtitles. This will help youdominate SEO and easily grab a spot by targeting foreign languages and reacha wider audience.

Subtitled videos increase watch time by 12% and are watched an average 91% to completion.
Videos without subtitles are only watched 66% to completion.
Boost video shares by 15%. There are also 17% better reactions and 26% more call-to-action click-throughs.
Adding captions to youtube video could lead to a 7.32% increase in views. This translates into an increase in earnings of $890.93, from $12.171.29 to $13,062.22.

I really like revoicely, cause I am a newbie and I used it smoothly like drinking a cup of water, with revoicely creating a voice over for my video was very easy and the most important thing is the voice-over is free and it comes with good quality voice that looks more human than an auto-generated voice I really recommend this product

I really appreciated using revoicely, easy to use, really straight forward it does it’s job, it saves a lot of time, I just had to set the video, then setup the options and click render, it automatically creates the voices without having to write a single letter plus the output voice looks really natural
Its time to think and TAKE ACTION about how your video marketing will function in foreign markets.
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So, How To Get Started…
Translating videos requires experience and know-how in order to get it right.
If you’re ready to incorporate video translations into your business’ marketing strategy, look no further than Revoicely!

The Most Unique Feature of our Breakthrough Software is if you are watching a video that uses UN-style voice-over method, you will hear the original audio at normal volume when there’s no speech. Slowly, the original sound will fade out or it will continue at a very low volume level and the voice-over that is generated with Revoicely will take over. This can be done at every paragraph, or only after major pauses or different speakers.
Incredible! This product will explode your views, clicks and sales with every video you create. You will be instantly able to:

Dominate YouTube and Google SEO in foreign languages
Raking in views, leads and sales from hearing-impaired audiences.
Getting traffic from Facebook
Cash in from people watching your videos at work.
Automatically translate your video’s audio into 270 different voices and accents from across the globe.
Instantly translate and caption in 30+ different languages on complete autopilot

Set this up today and you could be tapping into billions of people around the world who can’t hear your video, can’t unmute it, or simply can’t speak your language!

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