online streaming system together ​Allows users to setup streaming

online streaming system together ​Allows users to setup streaming/pre-recorded content and lock it behind payments ​Payment options include paying for individual videos, and also paying a monthly membership ​Greatly expand your flexibility, options, and price you charge with this powerful combined system  Full-Blown Rewards System Allows customers to sign up for a “reward card” that grants them special bonus points that can be used on future discounts, products, and so forth. Full Membership Software That Allows Charging $$$ For Content The store owner will be able to setup (or you can do it for them) their own membership site where they charge one time payments for video, have a monthly membership, or both! Combined Website Power When you use our special combined website builder, you’ll be able to create sites that feature a robust online store and the ability to have content behind paid memberships. Just picture a website where you offer video training but also sell products! White Label Video Course That Teaches Your Clients How To Use The Websites! You can easily add your name and photo to these videos, branding yourself and adding credibility ​These videos teach your clients every step of using their website, so you don’t have to! ​Give your customers excellent, in-depth training How To Make Sales On Autopilot. I’ll show you how to build a system that runs on its own. How to land clients using easy to replicate methods where you simply send a message on social media. How to boost your sales and profits by adding in additional higher-priced products that you don’t even fulfill yourself. Sell your services ​Includes an integrated online store ​Offer websites with multiple options, and charge extra for each ​This gives you instant credibility and can go a long way with establishing trust ​Very easy to install and edit ​Can be expanded to include other services