Game audio has been revolutionized by the ASTRO Command Center

Although the Cloud Alpha only supports stereo sound, its quality greatly improves when paired with a USB Dolby 7.1 Adapter, which enables a USB connection and virtual surround sound. The Alpha S for PC and PS4 is recommended because of its 7.1 USB surround sound. Playing on an Xbox One with either the Alpha S or Cloud 2 is a great experience (but get a turtle beach first). Instead of purchasing a separate amplifier, you can simply attach the Ear Force audio controller to your existing Xbox controller. Any headphones you use with it will provide high-quality sound. The main cord of the wired stereo HyperX Cloud Alpha headset can be removed. Connect the grey-colored jack end of the main wire to the left ear cup receptacle, then the 3.5mm audio jack end to your computer, console, handheld device, or smartphone. Connect Cloud Alpha to your desktop PC’s separate audio and microphone jacks with the included extension cord. The PS4 edition I own is fantastic both on its own and when coupled with a PC. My preference is to do it on a computer. Both can interact with computers and game consoles. Each volume setting can be adjusted separately.

Game audio has been revolutionized by the ASTRO Command Center. Free to download and use, the ACC application gives players more options for how they hear and speak in-game. When paired with the MixAmp Pro TR, the A40 Headset delivers studio-quality sound wherever you are, from the couch to the stage. The A40 TR Headset’s premium design and construction ensure a comfortable, pressure-free fit that won’t leave your head feeling hot. Ear pads are constructed of cotton for maximum comfort and synthetic leather for superior sound isolation. Multiplatform support includes PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and VR headsets. In-line audio controls are supported on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and other devices that use 3.5mm ports. In the range of 50 Hz to 18,000 Hz, the microphone can pick up sound. problems with the microphone not picking up any sound or producing static when the headset’s detachable main wire is only partially placed into the ear cup jack. the sound-canceling microphone that can be detached. There is less distortion and more clarity with the HyperX dual-chamber drivers. Aluminum construction with an enlarged headband Audio volume and mute controls can be detached from the braided cord.

HyperXTM The cutting-edge Dual Chamber Driver design implemented in the Cloud Alpha enhances the audio quality by reducing or eliminating distortion. The bass is split between the two chambers, making for a more refined sound. The A40 TR Headset’s premium fit and finish stem from its use of lightweight yet durable materials to ensure a comfortable, pressure-free fit that won’t cause your head to overheat. Cotton is used for comfort, while synthetic leather is used for superior sound isolation and reproduction. Professional live streamers will appreciate the features of the Astron MixAmp Pro TR, such as Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing and all-digital components that guarantee smooth, jitter-free transmissions.